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Find answers to commonly asked questions covering buying options, lodge specs and much more.

    • It’s very easy. You visit the Park, meet us, choose your plot and discuss your lodge requirements. We’ll help you to choose the right lodge to suit your needs and would be more than happy to take you to meet the manufacturers to make a final decision on your preferred lodge, its design and layout and even the internal finishing. Once that’s done, you place the order through us and we manage the manufacturing process, through to delivery on site.

    • Merryn Heights benefits from a 12 month recreational licence. This affords you the right to make use of your lodge 12 months of the year, all year round. Please contact us for more information.

    • Dogs are welcome on the Park, but not without consent from the Park Owners. You will need to provide details of the dog and you would be expected to inform the Park Owner of any previous incidents involving the dog. Ultimately, you as the dog owner are responsible for your dog’s behaviour. More than one dog may be permissible but, again, this needs to be cleared with the Park Owner.

    • Our manufacturers use an external cladding called CanExel, which is an engineered wood cladding produced from wood fibre, resin and wax. It is highly stable and highly resistant to moisture, and comes in a variety of colours. Our site licence does not permit wooden clad or wood coloured lodges and we would prefer our lodges to be clad in pastel and neutral colours, reflective of the coast and other houses in the area. We can discuss this in more detail during the design and layout of your lodge.

    • Yes there is. To hold a plot, you pay a fully refundable deposit. That despot is held for 30 days. If you change your mind or your circumstance during that period, we would be more than happy to refund the deposit in full. During that 30 day period, you will visit the manufacturer of your choice and design your lodge. Once you are happy with the design, you will sign all necessary documents and pay a 10% deposit of the agreed purchase price of the lodge. The order will then be processed and scheduled in to the build program.

    • Our preferred manufacturers are Prestige Homeseeker, Omar Wessex, Pathfinder and Lissett Homes but if you have a particular make or model in mind we would be more than happy to consider accommodating it.

    • There are two restaurants on St Merryn Holiday Village. The bar next door to Merryn Heights offers evening food during the week and food all day at weekends, while the restaurant further in to the main Park is a popular destination during the evenings, particularly on Steak Night, if you are a meat eater!

    • There are no services or leisure facilities within the confines of Merryn Heights. However, your pitch fee affords you the right to use all services provided by St Merryn Holiday Village, immediately next door. This includes two tennis courts, an enclosed astroturf surface for football and basketball, a bar, a couple of restaurants, a shop and a hair and beauty salon.

    • All lodges benefit from two parking bays.

    • The pitch fee covers the right to use all facilities and services on the main Park (as listed above) and any maintenance associated with all services up to the base of your lodge. It also covers maintenance associated with the base upon which the lodge is located and all communal areas within the confines of Merryn Heights, as well as any other services affecting the community, such as exterior lighting and electric gates.

    • There is a BT supply to the Park but, as an owner of a new lodge, you would be required to arrange for connection. We can support you through the process should you wish.

    • The Park is separated in to three clearly defined sections, with one section allocated specifically for the purpose of sub-letting. Merryn Heights is designed in such a way as to ensure all residents benefit from their preferred lifestyle, whether you wish to make full use of your lodge for private use, year round or as an investment vehicle. If you do wish to buy a lodge, either for a mix of personal use and rental, or simply as an investment for rental purposes, then this is more than possible. We can even offer a guaranteed return on your investment of 8%, subject to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

    • Like all new-build properties, the lodge may suffer from slight teething problems, from small leeks to cracking plaster. This can occur as a result of the delivery and siting process, with the transportation of the lodge being the main cause for movement within the lodge. All issues are easily rectified either by our team of experts or the manufacturer's aftercare service.

    • This can vary, depending on demand at the time of your order. Generally however, it takes between 3 and 6 months from order to delivery. Once delivered, our siting team will site the lodge, connect it to all services and finish the interior. The manufacturer will conduct a full inspection of the lodge prior to completion.

    • Merryn Heights enjoys the benefits of a mix of residents, young and not quite as young! We cater for everybody. The Park is well designed to accommodate those looking for a peaceful and private existence if that is your preference…