Dual Use

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Enjoy wonderful breaks away as often as you wish, paired with our fully managed rental scheme, offering a regular income stream with a guranateed rate of return per annum of up to 8%.

If you choose to buy at Merryn Heights and add your lodge to our rental management scheme, you will receive as much as an 8% return on your investment, along with eight weeks of the year for you to enjoy your very own corner of Cornwall.

Taking advantage of our rental management scheme means that, marketing, bookings, property management and grounds maintenance are all done for you. There’s no time consumption to be concerned with, and no problem tenants, making it totally hassle free – any rare problems that do arise are managed for you by us, and your lodge will be properly maintained with regular inspections.

Reasons to Invest

Income from holiday lets can be significantly lower than returns from other property investments such as buy-to-let, (entry into Lodge investments start with as little as £40,000 for shared ownership or £129,950 for single owners, for a potential 8% return on investment) in comparison to entry into the local buy-to-let market in homes of a similar size, specification and age.

With Lodge investments there are no start-up costs, solicitor’s fees or stamp duty and all lodge investments conform to relevant legal requirements upon handover.

Brits holidaying within the UK, or “staycations” as they are more commonly known, have become more and more common, with the first quarter of 2016 seeing a record-breaking 7.3 million English holidays. This represents a 10% rise from the same period in 2015. This figure continues to rise with tourism boards across the country receiving record highs of bookings and enquiries. We believe the next buy-to-let boom is fast approaching.

Ways to purchase:

  • Cash buyer; you have the funds already available to pay for the lodge in full
  • Remortgage of an existing property; remortgage an existing property and pay for the lodge in cash
  • Equity release; designed for people aged 55 and over (please seek independent legal, financial advice)
  • Part exchange with another property; we could trade an existing property with the lodge and pay you any excess on the agreed value of the house, in cash

When you purchase your lodge you will receive:

  • A choice of plot location on the Park
  • Your fully furnished lodge, with the specification agreed by you
  • A 99 year pitch license
  • A guaranteed rate of return for the investor
  • An option to give back your free weeks to increase your rate of return for dual use buyers
  • An option to make use of our fully managed letting scheme

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