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A sound decision

All year round rental at Merryn Heights in Cornwall for a guaranteed rate of return per annum of 8% on your investment.

If you’re looking for a return on investment, we can offer a guaranteed rental income letting scheme of as much as 8% per annum (before tax) for the first 3 years, with potential to increase further after this time. With an allocated section of Merryn Heights set aside for rental lodges, we can provide a complete managed service on your behalf; take bookings, clean and maintain the lodge and manage all grounds maintenance, meaning you can relax and enjoy hassle free income for the years to come.

Investors can choose to rent out their lodge 100% of the time, maximising their investment, while others can elect to take advantage of their annual allowance and enjoy their exclusive lodge themselves during chosen periods of the year. You decide the option most suited to you.

More reasons to invest

Our ever increasing life expectancy – meaning an increasing number of older people still keen to holiday but reluctant/unable to travel far, or abroad – creating demand for “staycations”

Spontaneity – people have changed the way they plan and book holidays. Often people wait for the ‘last minute’ discount deal, which frequently results in ‘staycation’.

Work-life balance – The economic downturn and modern lifestyle has made many people feel under time pressure and busier lives mean more short breaks are not only preferable – but necessary. People are now seeking quick, easy holidays within the UK without travelling hassles, language barriers and the need to plan ahead.

Information. Like it or not, technology and internet access has changed our lives. This availability of information at our fingertips means people know more about the destinations and properties available – and they know more about what the UK can offer.

Overseas investors are investing in UK properties and this is fuelling the market – but despite the rising numbers of buyers England is unable to keep up with the demand for property. Now is the time to get on board.

Demand. Desire for value is evident across all sections of the market, including the luxury end; our lodges can be as luxurious as the specification allows. We have brand-new lodges ready for occupation now, or buy off-plan with the option to customise your own lodge.
Prices start from just £129,950

Available Now

Choose your dream location at Merryn Heights for a Luxury standard or bespoke lodge, available today.

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