Shared Ownership

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Make life work for you

You can now share the dream of owning at Merryn Heights through fractional ownership. This is a great option for those wishing to share a luxury lodge between a number of owners, such as friends or family, or we can just as easily pair you with other shareholders!

Merryn Heights can offer a number of plots through our shared ownership signature collection. Fractions are available in sixths (eight weeks usage), or quarters (twelve weeks usage). When you are not there, the properties are fully managed and maintained by a contracted company. Owners, in proportion with the fraction they own, share running costs and taxes.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership (or shared ownership) is an innovative new way to cost effectively purchase and use a second home. Why buy more than you need? Fractional ownership means that you only purchase a proportion of the property for the time you intend to use it.

Fractional Ownership is NOT timeshare. It affords much of the freedom and usage benefits offered in timeshare, however, the fundamental difference is that the purchaser owns a share of the legal title, as opposed to units of time.

When you purchase a fraction at Merryn Heights, the property is held and legally owned by a UK company on your behalf. Allocation of the weeks is flexible and we can discuss the best usage system for your holidaying requirements for you and your family. If you want to sell your fraction at any time you can do so as with a whole ownership property. Your fraction is not affected by any of the other owners.

The Benefits

Fractional ownership is now the fastest growing selling form of second home ownership throughout the world. Fractional Owners have found that being a fractional owner offers many benefits including:


Naturally, by investing in a fraction of your park home, the entry price is significantly lower than whole ownership with the purchase costs and taxes shared between the owners.

Reduced Running Costs

Maintenance fees, management fees and other fixed costs are shared between the owners, which drastically reduces the financial burden often associated with owning a second home.

Tailored Usage

Most people don’t tend to holiday for more than a set number of weeks per year. While fractional owners are buying a physical asset, it comes with it a fixed an amount of time each year, which they are more likely to use. If they don’t use it, the lodge could be rented through our managed rental scheme. You will directly benefit from the rental income.

Less hassle

Our management team will take the pain out of second home ownership. When you turn up, everything is ready and in perfect working order.


Since fractional buyers own a share of the lodge, they can benefit from any increase in the lodge’s value.

Rental Scheme

The fractional owner can benefit from the rental scheme if they decide not to take full advantage of their time.

Easy Entry

Fractional Ownership allows you to get on the second home ladder at a much lower cost. Some fractional owners see it as a stepping-stone to full ownership.

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